Our Story

Modest Beginnings

I’m Jared Henderson, founder of Wiredraw. I got my start in the fabrication and construction industry back in 2017 when I began training as a steel detailer. I was taught by a team who had a combined 80 years of experience, and was lucky to learn from such skilled and practiced experts.

Though our team was competent, practiced, and had as much work as we could handle, we kept running into one big problem. More of our time was spent trying to organize project information than putting our actual detailing skills to use. We spent a frustrating number of hours combing through emails, handwriting reports, and searching through filing cabinets with drawers stuffed so full you couldn’t even close them. But worst of all were our timecards. We each recorded our time in individual excel spreadsheets (there was no template) which we then emailed to our branch manager every week. Our manager would then go through all our timecards, email the guys who inevitably forgot to make and send one, check for errors, and finally forward them to the accountant. Our top detailers spent several hours every day doing work like this instead of doing what they loved and were good at: producing drawings.

Wiredraw Beginnings

The Start of Something New

Even though I was new to fabrication,  I could see that our team was dealing with a serious problem. So, I started a side project. It began as a timecard system, and though it wasn’t perfect, it was a start (anything was better than the system we were using!) As the new system started freeing up my team members’ time, we expanded it to add tracking for Transmittals, Requests for Information, Added Material, and more.

As the weeks went on, my team and I discovered that I was a fairly mediocre steel detailer. My contribution to the team – our real advantage – lay in our development process, which had done wonders for the team’s efficiency and morale. It was intuitive, even for our less technical teammates. All the information was kept in one place so the whole team could stay on the same page. Eventually we showed our general manager at headquarters, who was thrilled and wanted access to the system for their team too. I thought, with over a decade of experience, why don’t we take this system and our process to the rest of the industry?

Wiredraw Today

Now I want to bring our development process to you

Our goal is to give all types of organizations freedom and flexibility in how they manage their information. We want to ensure our client’s satisfaction while displaying integrity, honesty, and courage in our business practices

We’ll design and build a web application tailored to the needs of your team and business. This includes any information that needs tracked, functionality your current software lacks, reports your team needs generated, and more.

Our systems are built iteratively; our clients are encouraged to test, provide feedback, and request adjustments throughout its development. This allows our applications to be much more streamlined than your typical off-the-shelf softwares. Furthermore, our process naturally trends development towards simplicity and ease of use, removing the need for training. Businesses should not have to spend extra time and money on certifications for software that’s supposed to be saving them time, not adding to the workload.

We’ll make sure our system is a perfect fit. You get all functionality you need without having to pay for what you don’t. Your feedback shapes and refines the application, making it intuitive and easy to use. By the end, it will be a perfect fit, saving your team time that will be better spent on doing what they do best.